DMC Income Protector Plan

Only available to exclusive and selected clients. Ensure you protect your valuable income against death, permanent disability and retrenchment with the plan that pays you or your loved ones a fixed sum of money should any of these events happen to you. Use the monthly payout to settle debt, pay for school fees, buy groceries or even for the funeral arrangements. You decide where the money is spent and where it will best suit you and your family.

Your Plan

The cost of this peace of mind is R99/month

R4000 Cash payout for six months

Plans start from under R100

No waiting period in the event of death for the Main Life Assured, once your 1st premium is received

Simple T&C’s, easy to understand, no hidden clauses

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Is this product available to anyone?

No, this product is exclusively available to DMC Clients that have paid their first 3 installments on time.

Can I take the lump sum instead of the 6 monthly payments?

No, in the event of your death, a lump sum option will not be offered to your nominated beneficiary, however, monthly payouts will be made on retrenchment and disability.

How do my WAITING PERIODS work?
  • Your are covered in the event of death once you have paid your first premium.
  • There is a waiting period of 6 months or 6 premiums, whichever is the longest for Permanent Disability.
  • There is a waiting period of 6 months or 6 premiums, whichever is the longest for Retrenchment.
What does Permanent Disability mean?

A medical doctor has to certify you permanently disabled, this may be because of an illness, injury or disease that cannot be cured or treated and this stops you from earning an income. Very important is that only a medical doctor can certify someone disabled.

Will I be covered for Retrenchment if I am dismissed from my employment?

No, you can only claim this benefit if you were permanently employed for 6 months prior to any retrenchment action happening against you. Contract, temporary and seasonal workers are also not covered under this benefit.

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